We at CEBU REALTY & BROKERAGE invite everyone to be a full-time or part-time real estate agent with us and earn income. There  are  several  ways to earn money in real estate business, selling property to a prospective buyer or by looking properties for sale.

Submit your listings to us and we will be the one to look for buyers.

With that arrangement, you make money too…

Hurry up while the real estate business is now picking up…

For more information, please don’t hesitate to visit our office or call us.


Cebu Realty and Brokerage Agents

We  would like to invite all  real  estate  brokers  and  individuals  to  this  great opportunity to earn an extra income! Be our agent. Cebu Realty and Brokerage  is utilizing  the  internet  to go  global  in  reaching  interested buyers and agents.  Where  ever  you  are  in  the  world  you now have a facility to sell properties in the Philippines. Have that extra income now!

The Philippine Realty website is designed to serve as an online brochure for international agents to use. Showcasing a wide database of properties in  the  Philippines  for  sale  and  for  rent.  The database   is   currently  updated  with  properties  here  in  the  Philippines.  We are updating the website  with  promos both for agents and buyers.  These are provided by the developers of the properties and Cebu Realty and Brokerage.


What You’ll Get

– A very attractive referral fee.
– Cebu Realty and Brokerage will facilitate the processing of the necessary papers here in the Philippines.
– Cebu Realty and Brokerage will provide international agents the necessary property details: Subdivision Map, Pricing Scheme and Location Map
– Cebu Realty and Brokerage will provide international agents real estate updates and handbook.

Apply now!

We look forward in having you as part of our team. We hope to see you soon.


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