Launch your career in real estate. Launch it at Cebu Realty & Brokerage.

We invite you to be part of us, as a full-time or part-time real estate agent. Either way, you are guaranteed to earn an income through various ways, such as:

  • Selling properties to prospective buyers,
  • Looking up properties for sale, or
  • Submitting your listings to us for us to look for buyers.

The real estate industry in Cebu is booming, so it is the perfect time to join us, your ground for career growth. Along with the industry, Cebu Realty & Brokerage has also progressed, forming a quality network of people who find joy and confidence in the professional and honest way we do business.

We also maintain this website to preserve our global competitiveness, allowing you, wherever you are, to have the facility to sell properties in the Philippines. This also gives our international agents with an online brochure on properties for sale.

When you join us, you will get these:

  • A very attractive referral fee
  • Cebu Realty & Brokerage will facilitate the processing of the necessary papers in the Philippines.
  • Cebu Realty & Brokerage will provide international agents the necessary property details: subdivision map, pricing scheme, and location map.
  • Cebu Realty & Brokerage will provide international agents with real estate updates and handbook.

Join Cebu Realty & Brokerage where real agents get real results. Join us today.

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