When looking for your dream house and lot, condominium, commercial lot, farm lot, beach lot, etc., Cebu Realty & Brokerage is best in assisting you. It is important to get the best advice from professionals who will protect your interest and help you maximize your hard-earned capital.

JX ROM, client of Cebu Realty & Brokerage

I started my journey as a real estate agent in 2009. I was a sales person without any background, a full-time mother with four children. Honestly, I had no interest in realty because I knew at the time it was not my world. I was a shy person, lacking in confidence. But then I joined Cebu Realty & Brokerage upon my brother’s encouragement. He wanted me to be his agent when he buys a house and lot. That is how I become part of Cebu Realty & Brokerage.

When I first received my first commission, which was over P40,000, I was amazed and happy. I could not imagine that I would be able to receive such a big one-time cash. It was a different experience from working in MEPZ where I received more than P2,000 and it was already big enough for me. That amount I received as an agent was a really big help for my family.

This marked the start of my interest and eagerness to learn more about real estate. I learned to be observant of my superiors who are also agents and I attended seminars. Eventually, I started to love the real estate business. In my first year in the industry, I was already one of the agent-awardees, inspiring me to do more and do better in what I do. I learned to take care of all my clients by keeping in touch with them and following them up. Then they would give me more referrals, referring their relatives and friends to me and me to them.

I am so blessed that I am connected to Cebu Realty & Brokerage (CERB) because my life becomes more positive and I developed my interpersonal relationship in dealing different kinds of people. I learned to be confident in life. I am very thankful to our boss Gerry Yangyang who is very supportive in times of emergencies, including financial difficulties. Being connected as an agent of CERB is really a big help for my family because, even as a full-time mom, I am earning money to:

  • Proudly buy a car with my own commissions
  • Pay my house and lot investment
  • Pay my lot only investments
  • Help my husband in our home renovations

Help my husband send our four children to school (one of them is already a graduating college student)

– GLENDA CASTRONUEVO, Division Manager of Cebu Realty & Brokerage

Working with Cebu Realty and Brokerage for almost five years was indeed a worthwhile experience and a great challenge. My journey with CERB from being a sales executive to unit manager to division manager was tough. I went through a series of challenges, such as failure transaction, client rejection, financial constraint, and health crisis. But going through all these did not make me give up. Instead, these propelled me to move on and strive harder to achieve my goals in real estate selling. Truly, I was right and I have proved to myself and to the people around me who are skeptical about my success that I can excel in what I’m doing.

I generated sales transactions and earned unlimited income that greatly helped sustain my personal and family needs. I did not view every problem or challenge I encountered while selling real estate properties as a negative factor; I view it as a positive opportunity to improve more. This kind of outlook makes me a stronger and better person that I am today.

Cebu Realty & Brokerage, under the leadership of boss Gerry Yangyang, has extended support to me from day one in my career. Boss Gerry’s unparalleled support is one of the reasons I retained my loyalty to CERB. With hard work, persistence, and determination, I will continue to prove and achieve more in the real estate industry.

– GUILLERMO CINCO, Division Manager of Cebu Realty & Brokerage

I am connected with Cebu Realty & Brokerage for four years now (and still counting). In the past years, I received several offers from others firms but I chose to stay in Cebu Realty & Brokerage because the owner, Mr. Gerry Yangyang, is a humble and good person.

At the start, when sir Gerry gave me a chance to become his agent, it was not my full-time job. At the time, I was working as an engineer for a multinational company. But I had an ambitious goal: after five years, I need to have my own house, my own car and a stable income. At first, it was very tough–working and handling concerns of more than 100 people under my supervision in my previous company while I had to accommodate a lot of calls connected to my online marketing of real estate.

At first, I was ashamed to show that I was selling properties part-time while working full-time as part of the company management with a dream to be a company manager at 28. I continued working and offering houses to my circle of friends and relatives. Within six months, I sold a lot. It was a fun experience, despite my tardiness, undertime, and absences in my previous company. I was thankful to the company president for being understanding.

Sir Gerry would call me up to remind me to get my commission and I would put them all in my bank account. In a short period of time, I accumulated P300,000. This pushed me to quit my job. It was a risk. My thoughts were, “What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work for me after a year?” But nobody can stop me from achieving my goals. Four years later, with God’s mercy, I’m now working on another set of goals.

I will always be grateful to my mentor, sir Gerry, for the opportunity. To my team, just enjoy the opportunity. God will provide if we will work for it. God bless us all.

– MARINO GEDORIO, Division Manager, Cebu Realty & Brokerage

Both Martina and myself were very happy with the service we received from Cebu Realty and Brokerage. Junie as our agent acted in a friendly, honest and professional manner at all times. We would certainly recommend Cebu Realty and Brokerage and Junie to future prospective buyers.


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