Kim Cubio
March 29, 2020

Cebu, Philippines is the second largest metropolitan area in the country, next to its capital city and the largest one, Manila. This humble city in Central Visayas has been gaining much attention from the people all around the world because of its impressive tourism. A lot of investors have been eyeing to invest in Cebu because of its strategic location, skilled people and accessibility to local and international places, which have greatly impacted and influenced Cebu’s economy.

Real estate in Cebu is an equally and economically important industry along its other major industries like business outsourcing, technology services and shipbuilding according to Bloomberg. Cebu is the second largest holder of condominium density and has been a place for high-end condominium developments.

Condominiums have been one of the safest choices for people who want to invest in real estate. It is another source of passive income aside from stocks and bonds. It can generate monthly rental paychecks should you wish to have your condominium unit rented. There are a lot of condominiums for sale in Cebu. Various developers are offering pre-selling condominiums.

Pre-selling condominiums are those units being sold by developers in advance before their actual completion. While it is a bit risky and tricky to invest on units that aren’t done yet, the benefits far outweigh the possible risks of purchasing a pre-selling condos.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in condominiums for sale in Cebu, like the pre-selling condos:

1. Higher Discounts

Pre-selling condos are relatively cheaper and more affordable compared to units that are ready for occupancy (RFO). The price differs for about 30-50 percent than the RFO units. The reason for this is because you are buying something that does not exist yet. It takes faith in the developer to trust your hard-earned money to invest in their on-going construction project. Thus, as a reward, they give you relatively lower price for your future unit. Developers can even give you higher discounts when you pay in spot cash. It’s a great deal already considering the amount of money you have saved when the unit is completed and be introduced in the market as RFO. There are condominiums for sale in Cebu that are listed in the market with higher discounts depending on the property developers.


2. Flexible Payment Schemes

You will be one of the pioneer owners of a unit in a developing condominium. Developers can grant you flexible payment schemes during this stage of construction. One example is you can defer your down payment for 36 months or more for installment payments while locking the pre-selling price of the units. Developers can also grant you 10 percent down payment that can be payable for three years. Another option is payment through lump sum. You can either choose from developer’s in-house financing options, a government-sponsored home loan like Pag-Ibig, or bank financing. Some developers would also offer no down payment, low down payment, low monthly amortization, longer years of payment and no lump sum payment. These offers shouldn’t simply be missed out when you check some condominiums for sale in Cebu.

3. Promising Investment

Real estate’s value always appreciates. The value of the unit acquired within the pre-selling stages appreciates over a period after its construction. It always has a great chance of an increased market value once it is finished. If in the future you decide to sell your unit once it is completed, the market value is higher than what it had when it was in its pre-developing or developing stage. Another benefit is you can have your unit rented once it is done. As a result, this will provide you a stable source of income. The higher the rental income your unit generates, the higher the prospective value appreciation in the future, most especially if it is strategically located in developing or developed areas. Deciding to buy condominiums for sale in Cebu at its pre-selling stage is a good deal to own one!

4. Better location

During the pre-selling stage of the condo, there are only a few buyers, which means that you have the privilege to choose which unit and floor you like to have. You also are able to choose the unit with the best view or the unit with the lucky number or letter you believe in. You can as well enjoy premium amenities that give the unit an edge over the rest. Compared to RFO units where the only choice left for you are those units that are the not so good ones. Since the unit of your choice will take time to finish, you can expect its development to offer the latest when it comes to design, features, and amenities by the time it’s done. The choice is yours. Don’t miss to check out the condominiums for sale in Cebu that are still in its pre-selling stage to enjoy these benefits. 

The purchasing of condominiums in Cebu is increasing at a faster rate. There were 5,600 condominium units taken in 2017. There were around 17,000 condominium units in 2018, and there is so much more to come in 2020. In the third quarter of 2019, more than 4,900 units were completed from the 1,700 that were done during the first half of the same year.

There are properties ready for viewing so you may visit the website and contact them to schedule an appointment.

The affordability of condominiums for sale in Cebu is one great factor influencing the buying power of the people. Another factor is the migrant investment from the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Foreigners who wish to invest in Cebu could not acquire lot properties, however, they are allowed to purchase and own a condo unit. This briefly explains the increasing demand for real estate properties in Cebu.


For a list of condominiums for sale in Cebu, you can visit Cebu Realty and Brokerage’s website. It got an up-to-date condo listing, from pre-selling to ready for occupancy units. Cebu Realty and Brokerage has been in the industry for more than two decades, continuously serving and helping those who would like to acquire properties in Cebu hassle- and stress-free.

If you have found the best condo unit for you, give us a call or message us so we can talk about it!

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