Are you searching for privacy, peace and comfort that a house carries alongside with all the comforts that a life in the city offers you? Well, a penthouse is the great place to move in. A penthouse is the highest floor of a condo and is regularly separated from different condos by highlights that exudes extravagance. The penthouse is very open in its floor plan and especially sets itself apart in the tremendous amount of natural light. You will have a perfect breeze Mountain View and a sea view at the other side of the balcony at morning and a glamorous view at night with the city lights.

A penthouse is way more spacious, giving you a lot of space to indulge yourself and your family. Living on the top floor fits a rich way of life. Sundance penthouse have high ceilings, over sized windows, classic penthouse traits. Despite the feel of openness the penthouse guarantees safety and security for penthouse owners have their own codes giving them the access to get into.


The best thing about living on the top floor is that you get the enjoy of your privacy and is way more quiet and exclusive. You are away from the noise of the lower floors and you can also choose to keep your windows open without worrying about neighbors trying to pry. Living in a penthouse apartment means being in the city, and yet, outside it. You get the best of both worlds, with easy access to city centre attractions and amenities, coupled with the serene atmosphere of a villa or a vacation home. You can go to your favorite mall or get to a hospital in case of an emergency, and come back to the joy of private and luxurious living. Perhaps the best thing about living in a penthouse is that you get bragging rights!

A lifestyle only obtained by the rich and famous, with the penthouse, you get go experience it as well. There you are, in the midst of luxury, with a dramatic and panoramic view all around you, lots of glass doors and windows through which to enjoy it, enough space for parties, all that light and fresh air! What more could you possibly ask for? Live in a penthouse and you can finally say you are living the dream! If you are convinced by the penthouse life, it is indeed the life that will suit you.

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