Cebu is on its way to becoming a global city.

The Commission on Audit’s 2019 Financial Report declared Cebu City as the 6th richest city in the Philippines with total assets worth P33 billion. For five consecutive years, the record shows that Cebu remains to be a premier city in terms of assets in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Are you surprised? Here’s more: The province of Cebu lorded it over the provinces, hitting the top spot with whopping P35 billion worth of assets. It’s safe to say that Cebu is the real deal. It is called the Queen City of the South for a reason.

The Cebuanos are humbled with how far Cebu has come; it is now almost at par with other cities like Makati, Quezon City, and Manila in terms of assets worth. With these things considered, Cebu is indeed one of the Philippines’ leading investment destinations. Today, the Queen City of the South continues to see a bright future of its thriving property sector, and there are no signs of slowing down.

James Harris, Co-Founder of Bond Street Partners, cited five reasons why real estate is a great investment. In his article published at, he said that it makes one enjoy an excellent rate of returns, amazing tax advantages, and leverage real estate to build wealth.

Let’s enumerate the reasons Harris mentioned:

  • Real estate provides better returns than the stock market without as much volatility.
  • Real estate has a high tangible asset value.
  • Real estate values will always increase over time.
  • An investment in real estate can also diversify your portfolio.
  • Last but not least, real estate investing comes with numerous tax benefits.

Considering the popularity of Cebu and its booming economy, putting your money in property sectors would be a great decision.

In fact, there are more ways than five why you should fall in love with investing in Cebu:

  • It has a solid position as one of the country’s, if not the world’s, tourist hotspots.
    It’s chasing waterfalls, pristine beaches, and amazing dive spots, Cebu is blessed with so much beauty and natural resources.
  • It celebrates the grandest festival in the Philippines, Sinulog Festival.
    With millions of people from across the world joining the celebration in January, it’s just one of the biggest occasions when property owners become the happiest. Tourists extend their
    vacation and stay for long to explore the neighboring provinces and islands.
  • It has one of the friendliest airports in the world.
    Mactan Cebu International Airport gives easy access to endless destinations within and outside the country, and of course, the wonders to discover in Cebu.
  • The residential demand in Cebu is exponentially high.
    Redefining city living, Cebu is an ideal place to live in, study, and work. Not to mention, high caliber universities known for topping bar and licensure exams are in Cebu.
  • One of the major contributors to the country’s economy is also in Cebu
    We are talking about the BPO industry. Call centers have opened thousands of job opportunities and remain to be a dependable pillar for many Filipinos in general. This alone entails
    several potential clients for your real estate business.

With a large pool of hospitable, talented, and hardworking citizens, Cebu is on a roll. So, it goes without saying that real estate investment in this beautiful city is an intelligent interest and a great bet considering its high growth in the market.

The value of your home increases as the market improves. In turn, you get to build high equity. And unlike stocks, your property is a tangible asset, which gives you more control over your investment and helps reduce the principal-agent conflict.

Real estate can serve as your passive income while you focus on growing and diversifying your portfolio. With proper management and administration, your investment in Cebu will let you see the best value for money.